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03 November

Project "Alizi" - collaboration between Alizi and Idaaf Architects

The exposition Alizi / Lazuri, which was developed as a result of the studio's recent research and is based on the typology of colorful Georgian soils, the architecture principals of Lazuri houses, and their combined aesthetics, was presented at the TAF • Tbilisi Art Fair 2022 by Idaaf Architects.

The presented exhibition is the initial results of the workshop by Idaaf Architects in the period of June -September 2022. As part of Idaaf Architects study, "Adobe - New Design and Prospects for Use in Modern Construction”, studio visited the villages of Kartli and Kakheti, to look at local houses built with Adobe. Idaaf also explored soils of different colour from other regions of Georgia and by using these soils different types of adobe bricks were made, part of which is presented at the exhibition.

It is worth noting that the workshop is the first stage of the big work, which aims to return the practice of building with adobe brick in Georgia. Adobe brick is an ancient building material, the production of which causes 0% damage to the environment, and its use is 90% more energy efficient in construction than other modern building materials, has no negative environmental effects during production, and fully addresses the issues associated with global warming..

We are pleased that Alizi Development is assisting Idaaf Architects in carrying out this crucial and fascinating research. We are grateful for the excellent work that young architects have done in restoring and utilizing old traditional materials. Our cooperation will continue and we will offer you many joint and interesting projects.